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Code Master 3!

Hello and once again people!

Thats right you heard me right. Development on Code Master 3 is underway by me and a release is expected someone in the near future!

Right now this site is a dead horse,so head on over to for the latest updates.

I'm sorry.

Folks I'm very sorry to say that as of September 25, 2011 9:30 Eastern time. Code Master 2 will now a dead project. I repeat THIS IS A DEAD PROJECT!

The project manager that is maintaining this project (Me, I don't want to give my name away...) has decided that since he is in school full time, he has no time to maintain this website or the project and has been slaking anyway; so that being the case I have decided to shut this project down.

I am willing to hand this over to anyone who would like to take the project over, I have in my possession unreleased source code that can fix the bug of; however it does require a we bit of tweaking -OK so a lot of tweaking-  to make it work.

I may and I say "may" work on a secret project over this school period in my spare time that involves some neet stuff, however I'm not going to tell you what it is because I'll more that likely get badgered about it.

Also on a side note I have taken up gaming as a hobby at night, specifically the following games: Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Lego Universe. You can find me on Minecraft on a small server that I host is only up when I'm on in the Evenings. the I.P. is ElderClan.BounceMe.,Net I do not tolerate griefers! If you want to contact me you can use this websites contact form.

You can still download the program if you want to, but I'm removing for obvious reasons, but it can still be found on if you really want to use it; be warned it will crash after a week.  

Project Manager 

You can help us.


This is the Admin of Code Master 2, as you all know we have NEVER asked anyone to donate anything or use adds. Well you don't even have to give us money to donate so you can help us by downloading via an add, don't worry you can skip the add and if you don't want to download with an add we will provide an alternate link in the download section.

Thank you for all your support!

Code Master Admin. 

A Patch!

Hi one and all, I am Jon the last programmer here at Code Master 2. It appears that since no one to our knowledge -with the exception of smaragdus- has used Code Master 2 so that slowly all the other programmers and managers have left for other "Productive" and "Used" projects as they called them.

However I remain, I plan to release the long awaited patch for!

Believe it or not emailing us has encouraged us to do and make more!! please email me from time to time, it gets kinda sad when no one ever says anything about the project.

Also the admin of this website has given me everything! yes everything! old source code and all that so I will now be the admin of all!




We are very sorry about not updating the website, from now till project completion I will update the site as much as I can.

Code Master,

Lead Programmer 

Last version of Code Master 2..... Well maybe...

Due to lack of public interest in Code Master 2, we have decided to make 1 last version then call it quits unless the public wants us to continue, we will stop updating this application.

Public Voting on new features is now available in the forums, please post what features you guys want; we would like to hear from you!

Project Manager

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